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The Gambler Platanus Publishing

64.00 TL
51.20 TL
Mağaza : KitapSeç
Yayınevi / Marka : Platanus Publishing
ISBN : 9786257645409
Kazancınız : 12.80 TL
Kazanacağınız Puan : 51 Puan
Basım Tarihi : 2021
Sayfa Sayısı : 212
Kitap Ebatı : 13.5x21
Bugün Ziyaret : 5 kişi bu ürüne baktı
Kargo İndirimi : 199 TL üzeri Kargo BEDAVA
Tedarik Süresi : En geç 03 Şubat Cuma gününe kadar
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&`;At length I returned f from two weeks leave of absence to find that my patrons had arrived three days ago in Rou­lettenberg. I received from them a welcome quite different to that which I had expected. The General eyed me coldly, greeted me in rather haughty fashion, and dismissed me to pay my respects to his sister. It was clear that from so­mewhere money had been acquired. I thought I could even detect a certain shamefacedness in the General`s glance. Maria Philipovna, too, seemed distraught, and conversed with me with an air of detachment. Nevertheless, she took the money which I handed to her, counted it, and listened to what I had to tell. To luncheon there were expected that day a Monsieur Mezentsov, a French lady, and an Eng­lishman; for, whenever money was in hand, a banquet in Muscovite style was always given. Polina Alexandrovna, on seeing me, inquired why I had been so long away. Then, without waiting for an answer, she departed. Evidently this was not mere accident, and I felt that I must throw some light upon matters. It was high time that I did so.”

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